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Pygmy Goats are small adorable fun loving pals. They make excellent pets. They are not difficult to look after. Give them shelter, food and company and they'll be happy. Pygmy goats can be taken for walks, come when called and can generate hours of fun. Give them a few toys and then sit back and watch them play.   read more They also get on well with our Tibetan Terriers.



Recognised Show Dates for Northern Ireland Goat Club
Show Dates. Meet some of the members and visit the wonderful world of Pygmy Goats at a show near you!

Pygmy Goat Club Online Herdbook
The Online Herdbook is available to Pygmy Goat club members. View registration information, lineage, progeny and print pedigrees.



Did you Know?
Adaptability is one of the pygmy goat's greatest assets.

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